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Microneedling/ Platelet rich plasma


Chemical peels are an important part of skin health. As an effective treatment option for most skin types an concerns, they improve tone, texture, fine lines and discoloration. Great for acne sufferers. Peeling is exfoliation, the post peel reality is a glowing healthy skin. Talk to our PCA Certified Professional to find out what type of peel is best for you.


Micro-needling / PRP is a treatment to stimulate the production of collagen. Simply put tiny fine needles create micro channels in the skin. This superficial injury is what stimulates new collagen, helps with texture, pore size and hyper-pigmentation. Not to worry we apply a numbing cream for your comfort. Takes about 60 minutes. 


This procedure is an exfoliating treatment. A small sterile scalpel is used to scrape the surface of the face. One of the many benefits is it takes the fine vellus hair off. You're left with smooth skin that can absorb serums and moisturizer much better. Makeup glides on effortlessly.


This treatment is indicated for those wanting smoother skin, less wrinkles, tighter pores, lighter hyperpigmentation. A topical numbing cream is applied, the treatment takes about 60 minutes.


This is a rejuvenating treatment for sun damaged areas. This treatment will help improve brown spots, broken capillaries, rosacea and more. The procedure is relatively quick and feels like a rubber band snap.


Hair reduction by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. Hair grows in stages, multiples treatments will be necessary. Blond, Gray and Red hair will not respond to this treatment. 


This is a great threatment for those wanting to bring  clarity to their skin with out having to do a chemical peel. Perfect for pregnant women and those with acne. This treatment can be added to a chemical peel for added cell respiration.